Welcome to Men-Bei Ramen

Men-Bei Ramen proudly serves delicious food to the greater Santa Clara community.



Olivia Davis
ramen anyone? go here!!!
Penelope Park
Our go to ramen. The best!
Johnathan Zietlow
It was the best ramen and rice I ever had I suggest the men bei ramen
Alina Khan
The ramen is pretty decent although not my favorite, but they have a really good deal where you get ramen and fried rice for $15. The fried rice is delicious in my opinion and I look forward to getting it again.
Kerri I.
I love Men-Bei! Anytime I'm craving Japanese comfort food this is my spot. Such good choices, fair prices, and portions are huge! I always have left overs...
Kacy O.
Ordered once since sheltering in early June. We brought home three bowls of ramen with noodles and toppings separated from the broth. We also had the...